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  • The Yarra Valley is our home and our winery is located in Healesville. The Yarra Valley is Victoria’s first wine growing district and its history of winemaking stretches back 160 years. While considered a cool climate, the Yarra Valley is incredibly diverse in soil type, rainfall (750mm-950mm) and elevation (50-1000m).  Due to the large range of conditions, it is taking us some time to identify the unique character of each site and the grape variety which will best suit.

    Conditions and therefore wine styles shift as you move through the Yarra. The wines of the warmer lower Yarra display more texture and openness than those of the Upper Yarra, which tend to display greater structure, perfume, and weight. We have two lower Yarra sites (Gruyere, Coldstream) and four upper Yarra sites (Woori Yallock, Hoddles Creek, Yarra Junction and Wesburn). The Upper Yarra sites are protected from the harsh northerly winds and receive cooling influences from the Great Dividing Range. They have a higher rainfall and are higher in elevation. The typical soil type of the Upper Yarra Valley is a highly friable red volcanic soil. What distinguishes our Upper Yarra Sites, with the exception of Hoddles Creek, is the fact that the soils are comprised of a grey loamy clay overlying siltstone. These grey soils result in wines with far greater weight, drive and nerve.

    There remain a number of challenges to our region. What makes the Yarra Valley unique is still a question we struggle with. We want diversity in fruit expression in our wines and as a result we feel a need to move beyond winemaking derived styles and give greater voice to each of our unique sites. We are committed to making wines of place.

  • This is a remarkable vineyard in a special part of Victoria, located 2.5 hours north east of Melbourne. The vineyard site was planted in 1983 on a gentle easterly aspect which is perfectly suited to Riesling. Granite boulders in the soil were so large the site had to be planted around them. The overall soil profile is very free draining decomposed granite. At 600m in elevation this site has a much cooler growing season, the nights are especially cool which contributes to harvest being much later than in the Yarra Valley. This is a site to be celebrated.

  • Our passion and love for the endeavour of winemaking takes direction from our vineyards, which often lead us into unchartered territory. Our experimental batch (EB) wines are unique wines that have challenged us to push the boundaries of our experience, comprehension of winemaking techniques or our viticultural practices. All these wine are made to increase our understanding. Some trials never make it to bottle but those that do are deemed interesting and enjoyable enough to share.

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EB (Experimental Batch) Wines

Our passion and love for the endeavour of winemaking takes direction from our vineyards, which often lead us into unchartered territory.