3 new Experimental Batch wines….

We’ve just released some new Experimental Batch (EB) Wines which we think will become your go-to summer bottles. Tasty, easy drinking wines that are also great value.


2018 EB39 ‘Pretty in Pink’ Syrah Rose

You’ll need a glass of this to chill you down after reading the back label! Made from our winery block Syrah this is perfect summer drinking.


2018 EB42 ‘Summer Lovin’ Meunier

This is our second go at a Pinot Meunier. Like its predecessor (EB26) this light red is best served chilled on a balmy day….because sometimes, all you want is a refreshing thirst quenching red.


2018 EB43 Edie Rose

Mac’s daughter Edie added some Woori Pinot berries to a barrel of chardonnay, giving it the slightest pink blush.

She’s also gone to town on the labels. They’re all different and predominantly feature swirls, squiggles and spots.

Only one barrel made.