Our Range

Our wine making philosophy

The philosophy that underpins our entire business is the same philosophy that drives our winemaking – no bullshit, honesty always. We believe that great wines are made in the vineyard, and our role in the cellar is one of guidance rather than interference. Each parcel that finds its way in to our winery is approached with an open mind and managed thoughtfully to produce wines that are fun and engaging.

Over the years, we have been excited to work with many different varieties in the cellar, and each has provided its own learning opportunity. While our philosophy remains firm, our winemaking practices are far from set in stone, and continue to evolve as we discover more about each site and the interaction between grape and place.

An overview of our wines

Our wines are broken down into a number of ranges, each representing a different stage in our exploration of place and variety. Every wine contributes a small piece to the puzzle.

With some good fortune and a mountain of work, we have established a family of Pinot and Chardonnay vineyards across the Yarra Valley. The diversity of these sites offers us a chance to learn and share what a remarkable place the Yarra Valley is. We also have the opportunity to work with some incredible parcels of varieties that may yet become the future of the Yarra. By treating each block individually, we are able to allow the wines time and space to develop expression that is true to both place and to vintage. These wines are the lens through which we tell the story of our region.

Museum Release

As part of our quest to learn more about the sites we work with, we hold back and cellar a portion of each wine we make to revisit at different stages throughout its life. On special occasions, or when a wine is looking particularly alluring, we will release a small allocation of this museum wine to our mailing list.