Gourmet Traveller WINE article – July 2020

Nick Butler recently tasted a bunch of our wines, including our new ‘Villages’ tier and caught up with Mac to hear all about where he’s at.  The result is this great article in GTWine Magazine, published in July.

“…Where others focus on vintage and having the best fruit in their vineyard, Forbes’ obsession is with capturing the character of the vineyard itself. Of course, there’s an inherent assumption that he’s bought terrific vineyards in the region he loves – but I’ve never heard him claim that one of his Single Vineyard wines is better than another  or that one subregion of the Yarra Valley produces the “best” chardonnay. When your mission is to capture the vineyard in all its glory, decisions are made differently.

While there are excellent rieslings, cabernets, syrahs and other varieties bottled under his label, it’s the chardonnays and pinot noirs that are the mainstays on high-end wine lists. The energy that Forbes and his winemaking team put into the expressions and tiers is palpable…”

You can read the full article here.