New Vintage 2020 Rieslings

Riesling is a grape of great purity and clarity. It’s nobility has long had a hold over me and fortunately over Hannah as well. Our 2020 Rieslings are no exception and while not all we’ve seen in 2020 can claim the same, our Rieslings will stand up and shine through for a long time to come.

We were challenged with some big rain events during the 2020 Strathbogie harvest, however overall the season was kind in avoiding any heat spikes and provided a relatively calm growing period. Resultantly our older vineyard in Caveat, Strathbogie Ranges has offered wines of impressive tension, with fruit weight and intensity to match. With typicity, the 2020 Rieslings may look a little shy and closed at first inspection. They are wines that are absent of drama, rather have been prepared for a long trip ahead and will slowly unpack as their journey in the bottle begins.

Over the years, through Hannah’s work in Germany and mine in Austria, we bring a broad range of experiences with Riesling, culminating in overwhelming respect for this grape. These wines are proudly Strathbogie Ranges, however reflect the range of styles that celebrate the journey we’ve taken to get there. The noble nature of this grape allows us to showcase the astounding decomposed Granite and 600m elevation of the Strathbogies which impart unique balance and expression that has ultimately become the hallmark of these wines.

In a year which will be remembered for many things, our 2020 Rieslings share with you a time capsule of the season. The character, structure and charm of these wines will hopefully remind you of why we live in Australia, and the benefits of being under a southern sky.

The New Release wines include:

2020 Spring Riesling 
Our baby vineyard on the western side of the ‘Bogies’ is often a very different beast to the RS wines. More fine quartz and decomposed granite has a fine orange citrus perfume. Granular and with a little more residual sugar this year, our Spring is looking salivatingly delicious.

2020 RS6 Riesling
Coming in 14 days later than the first pick, the RS6 was fermented in concrete and then transferred to a single foudre for maturation. A slightly more generous fruit profile, but with the same driving acidity and firm structure that we have come to identify as the fingerprint of this site.

2020 RS22 Riesling
Don’t be fooled by the higher RS. Our first picked Riesling, this was harvested in early March and wowed us with vibrant acidity and crunchy skins packed with mouth-watering phenolics. This taught, slightly closed wine has been full of promise from the second we tasted the fruit and is settling in for the long journey.

2020 RS95 Riesling Magnum
Extremely limited volume and bottled exclusively in magnum, this is a wine of decadence and indulgence. Fresh and riveting, all 95 grams of sugar sit in harmony with the tannin lattice and pulsating acidity. Basically this can be enjoyed anytime from breakfast to bed, and sharing is absolutely optional.

2020 EB59 ‘Fo’ Rizzle’ Riesling
As with all wines in our EB range, this Riesling aims to challenge expectation and push boundaries. 100% whole bunches, extended foot-stomping by a local water polo hero, left on skins until dry and then matured in small format old oak. Think fresh ginger, supple tannin and enough attitude that people might mistake you for an inner-city twenty-something.