We need to talk about Cabernet….

It is interesting how, over time, my relationship with both sites and grapes has evolved in often unexpected ways.

I’ve seen our Pinot and Chardonnay grapes increasingly play second fiddle to site, and with our increased role in farming the wines have taken on their own direction – veering further away from what is considered the norm. Interestingly our experience growing Cabernet shows a somewhat different path.

The birth of the wine industry in Victoria is a story that constantly inspires me. The people and their vision to pursue not just good but exceptional cabernet is apparent in both the early phase around the late 1800’s, and then again from the late 1960’s.

Both of these were periods of pioneering which now offer winemakers of today inspiration to carry the baton for Cabernet. Over the years, our Hugh and also EB Cabernets are without doubt a nod to old school Cabernets that typically have lower alcohols (12-13%) and a fresher edge, sometimes on the cusp of green. These wines today still carry the hallmarks of Yarra Valley Cabernet in its glory – longevity and purity.

Growing Cabernet is refreshing. Not many grapes in this country carry such a sense of identity nor commands such respect. This feeling is particularly strong when working with the Bordeaux blend. It’s most definitely born out of a love for those older, elegant expressions of this wine from our pioneering producers.

With our increased focus on farming and site expression, and a gentle nod to our pioneers, our pursuit of great Cabernet is something less modern, less sleek, seeking the hallmark perfume of red fruits, some gentle herbal notes and a resultant wine that carries gently but in the most determined way. Both on the palate but also in the bottle over time.

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